From Farm to Universe

A Long Story Short


This you must know, if I can build a website and set up an affiliate marketing business, so can you. Why? I am from the Baby Boomer generation and yes, I am what you might call technically challenged.

If you are younger, you know what I just said is true. Don’t laugh. The tortoise does beat the hare.

If you are my peer, you can relate. Did your grandkids help you set up Facebook? Your first iPhone? Or iWatch? Mine is still on the shelf. In fact, you may even believe you can’t do online marketing — or online anything. 

But what if you could? 

Of course, you can!

Keep reading. I am going to explain how easy it is in a minute.

I find blogging and other forms of online marketing incredibly fun and stimulating ways to generate income. I could do this for the pure fun of it, but . . .

I also love making money!

My goal is to give away 50% of what I make and work up from there. 

Where would you like your office to be? 

It’s up to you. An online business offers mobility. You can work indoors or outdoors, in an office or at the beach. It doesn’t matter. But having the tools, training, and personal help and etc., etc., etc. that Wealthy Affiliate offers –

That does matter. Without Wealthy Affiliate, I could not do this. Having these things at my fingertips is what allows me to live my dream.

Think: have laptop, will travel.

If you want to contact me now for more in depth information on Wealthy Affiliate and skip the rest of my somewhat long story, it won’t hurt my feelings a bit. Just follow the link right here. You will not be asked for a credit card. I will be there to greet you.


The space needle taken at night from balcony

Going Around in Circles


 Straight off the farm, I moved to a semi-big city where I was fortunate to find a boss who unknowingly played a big part in setting my future path. At some point, he said to me, “You’ve got class, Babe.” I’m not telling you this to brag but to show how important positive words are. What we say can build up or tear down. I was from a town of 3000. I had never thought of myself that way.

I carried with me my former bosses words. And after a few years, armed with positivity and semi-big city training, I moved to the really-big city and some how gathered the nerve to apply at Seattle’s iconic Space Needle. For 10 years I worked 600 feet in the air in its revolving restaurant, going round and round, enjoying a panoramic view of Seattle.

Western International Hotels (under United Airlines), currently Westin Hotels, managed the Space Needle. Throughout the organization, its theme was excellence. You will see where I am going with this soon.

That was a dream job, Dream Job #1.

18 Years in the

Restaurant Business


Then, I took my really-big-city (Seattle) husband, whom I met at the Space Needle, who has a small-town heart (that’s a good thing), to the small town where I grew up. It was a natural, right, go from having fun as a waitress to owning restaurants?

I learned about business, for real. We contracted or owned every type of restaurant, from one that served a campground and marina, to a retirement food service, to a fine dining and catering operation, to a bar and grill, to an Arby’s franchise.

I did love the marina, but for the most part, these were not my favorite jobs. Many of you in the hospitality industry know how hard owning and/or managing a restaurant is.

You will understand why I went in search of something new. 

Would you like to explore a new path, one in which the start-up costs are not prohibitive, in fact, are next to nothing?


“To do nothing is the way to be nothing.” (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

semi-truck stuck in low bridge

I Took Many Wrong Turns


I am left-handed and have a tendency to get turned around. When I first began to drive semi-truck, I was lost nearly every day. One thing I never did was get stuck under a bridge. And for this and many other possibly fatal errors, I thank God for having my back. Experiences I will never forget, this was Dream Job #2.

A Truckers Holiday

Road Trip for Truckers

For most of eight years, my husband and I traversed the United States – from coast to coast, Seattle to Miami, Los Angeles to New York. We drove as a team – at times 24/7, 2,000 miles. I was the night guy, which kept me mostly on the freeways and mostly out of trouble. Not easy, but I called it a working vacation. We saw places we would never have otherwise seen.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Lao Tzu)

Jacqueline of all trades— handy with a chef’s knife, I know how and when to carve out a new career. Long-haul trucking fulfilled several important needs for me, travel (actually wanderlust), and a paycheck.

Enter, Wealthy Affiliate


The working-vacation bug had bitten me and it was time to write another business plan. Where could I apply these random skills and stay mobile?

As a team driver, I spent half my time in our double-bunk condo. Besides sleeping, what does one do while riding 600 miles? Well hurray for technology! Sprint had just developed a Wi-Fi card to plug into one’s laptop– and it worked just about everywhere,  except the mountains of the wild-wild-west.

I learned about Affiliate Marketing around 2006– However, I am not a tech-head and in the early days, one needed to know code to build a website.

In 2016, I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. Then, I learned how to build a website and  how to take one’s passions and skills and turn them into a successful online business.

No code for me now. It’s all behind the scenes, done in the back-end, as the gurus say. 

Dream Job #3 


“I got my site up and running in less than a day!”

And within a week I knew exactly what my online marketing plan should include and not include. This is mainly because I immediately chose an upgrade and got access to the expert trainers. I highly recommend Jay, Magistudios, the head trainer, to start.

“After several training videos, I picked my Affiliate Marketing niche with the help of an AI tool.”  

And then, Jay showed us how to use prompt engineering for the best results. I learned how to generate ideas, research, and organize my projects. I had barely heard about AI, but now I am learning all the ways it can help me to succeed in affiliate marketing.  

“This is my one-stop-shop for Web-Building, Design, and Everything else!”

I’m all about my website. Wealthy Affiliate has not only taught me how to build it, it offers the most up-to-date, fastest and most secure hosting service out there, included in all levels of paid membership. 

What to Expect

Here is a little about what to expect when you click the button below. If you want to come back here, use the back arrow or page tab.

When you arrive, you will find yourself on the Wealthy Affiliate Homepage. I recommend taking your time to look around this page, as there is a lot of useful information here. Check out the tabs menu.

From this page, you are able to sign up for the free account. Don’t worry, you will not be asked for a credit card – just you name and email address.

However, why wait? The sooner you pick a paid account, the quicker you will have complete access to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer – and the sooner you can learn how to succeed in online marketing. That’s when it all came together for me, when I upgraded to Premium Plus.

See you inside. I will meet you soon, or ask search for Deelilah.